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martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

Utuado campo de entrenamiento de TEG

Constitución del Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico



Sección 6. Las personas podrán asociarse y organizarse libremente para cualquier fin lícito, salvo en organizaciones militares o cuasi militares.

Violación a la Constitución de Puerto Rico a la vista.

Triangle will hone the war fighter or bring a life-changing experience to an individual

About TEG

Overview: Triangle Experience Group, Inc (TEG) (Puerto Rico Based Co.) has developed a process of tactical training for both military and civilian personnel. TEG is in a position to deliver training anywhere that the client deems advantageous. TEG has brought together a team of professional instructors and consultants who are nationally and internationally recognized subject matter experts. This allows us to rise to any challenge and accomplish each and every mission efficiently and effectively.

TEG possesses solid professional and academic backgrounds, thereby are able to provide the most current, up-to-date and technologically advanced training and services available. TEG considers its product an enhanced method for civilian/corporate institutional and scientific exploration. The programs of Instruction that are offered are very specific to meet the particular needs of its clients worldwide.We have solidified key corporate partnerships with government service based businesses, technology sector companies, as well as, non-governmental organizations and higher learning institutions.

Capabilities: Flat Range shooting, CQB structures live and simulated munitions (Law Enforcement and Allied Military Forces), Urban training area for tactical movement, access to helo/fixed wing assets, MFF, Specialized Operator Skills FTXs, Tactical Mountaineering/Confined Space Rescue Skills Training, Live Tissue Training, E&E FTXs, Heavy Weapons Training, Tactical on/off Road Driving Skills, Unknown Distance Marksman Training. Accreditation programs to certify operators in specific skill sets are available. Additional capabilities, which fall outside the scope of this document, are available upon request.

Locations: These locations indicate the capabilities of TEG

Albuquerque, NM--Our location here serves to give our clients a tactical edge in a high plains desert environment.

Puerto Rico--Our location in PR serves to be the gateway to Central/South America. PR offers realistic value of a semi non-permissive Central/South America culture with the benefits of being on U.S. soil, which keeps the client safe in a permissive environment.

Mobile Training Team (MTT)--TEG maintains an MTT capability because it is not always convenient for the customer to travel. TEG has secured agreements to utilize locations throughout the world.

Military/Law Enforcement Training - Offered Curriculum Minimize

Basic Jungle Warfare Skills - Basic soldiering in a jungle environment. Focus on field craft, individual care and maintenance, and offensive and defensive positions
Jungle Tracking School - Instruction from world renowned jungle trackers, Patrolling techniques, defensive perimeters and offensive ambushes and much more…
Water Borne Operations - TEG can facilitate land targets in which units can use water borne infiltration methods to gain access to these targets.

Search and Rescue - Jungle rescue scenarios. FTX full mission profile: depart home station on tactical airlift, Halo into jungle DZ, locate and secure survivor (or perform hostage rescue), provide medical treatment and move to exfil. Scenarios like these will be available with most curriculums upon customer request.

Stalks and Shot - For the Belly shooters. Long distance shots from hilltop-to-hilltop, High angle shots and through high velocity turbulent valleys. Advanced reconnaissance techniques of the mock prison can be used in order to provide accurate intelligence to assault force.

Advanced Booby-Trap Skills - Learn to defeat and establish booby-traps for some of the world best jungle experts. Several booby-trap lanes are established in the jungle designed to hone a team’s jungle patrolling skills.

Tailoring and Course Design - Any portion of the above classes can be tailored/combined to meet the customers’ needs. TEG stands-by its claim to have created a learning environment that truly addresses a perishable skill of Jungle warfare. These courses are not designed with a ridged syllabus, we will train to the customers skill level and finally set a new level of understanding. From refresher training to new information let TEG design a course for you.

Advanced Medical Program - TEG has a separate medical curriculum specifically designed for medical providers
Surveillance/Street Craft Skills - Using the Metro area of San Juan units can enhance this specialized skill set. Units can take full advantage of the Puerto Rico’s Urban and Rural environments. TEG also offers a full spectrum curriculum upon request.

Tactical Training Course - TEG has crafted a course curriculum which captures the basic soldiering skills of “shoot-move-communicate”. This course is an excellent opportunity to hone skills, upgrade new operators, or accomplish pre-deployment tasks. The courses of fire and operator skills are set into one package deal.

Training locations are flexible
Max of 25 personnel unless prior coordination is approved
Core Skill Upgrade - TEG's operator upgrade program allows for teams and units to bring newly assigned personnel up to speed with regards to specific mission tasking.


Robert Clare, Owner and CEO

Summary of Career: Twenty-years of high-intensity direct-action military experience worldwide in both USAF and US Army Special Operations. USAF pararescueman as a Special Tactics Squadron operator. Deployments to various combat theatres around the world. Military expertise as MFF Jumpmaster, STL Jumpmaster, Urban and rural tactical navigation, Team tandem/bundle master. Served as Team mobility specialist and Special Reconnaissance team member while working in-squadron. Participated in numerous recent worldwide operations including: direct action, special recon, long-distance marksmanship and other sensitive missions.

Scott Billingslea, President

Summary of Career: Scott spent 4 years as a member of 3rd Ranger Battalion. He had the opportunity to fill every role from Rifleman to Squad Leader. In addition to the Airborne and Ranger course, he graduated from the Scout Swimmer course as well as basic and advanced demolitions. His training included deployments to the UK, Korea, Belgium and the Jungle Operations Training Center in Panama. He had one combat deployment to Somalia. His post military career includes extensive experience in operations management leading teams that ranged in size from 20 to 1,000 personnel. He also has a comprehensive background in vendor selection and negotiation. Scott volunteers a significant amount of his time giving back to the Special Operations community. He is currently the Ranger Regiment Association's Unit Director for 3/75 as well as the Treasurer. His combination of military and civilian leadership experience is an invaluable asset to TEG.

Jose Rosario, Subject Matter Expert

Summary of Career: Jose spent 20 years of military service as a U.S. Special Forces soldier. Jose is a native of the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. He spent his years of service in SF as a tropical warfare expert. The many highlights of his career include training of Indigenous Forces in South America and executing high profile missions for the US in a tropical region during the "drug-war". Jose’s experiences in the jungle offer TEG’s clients a unique look into tropical warfare.

Es lo que faltaba.

Fuente TEG

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David dijo...

A quienes habrá entrenado este? A criminales como los que aún pasan por la School of the Americas? De ciertos puertorriqueños nada me sorprende.

David dijo...

PR offers realistic value of a semi non-permissive Central/South America culture with the benefits of being on U.S. soil, which keeps the client safe in a permissive environment. El Blackwater puertorriqueño? Esto huele a contras entrenados en Puerto Rico. Del campamento a un mall cuando quieran relajarse. A que hemos llegado.

Kofla Olivieri dijo...

Entre al website de ellos anoche, me he quedado sorprendido como promueven el hacer "counterintelligence spying maneuvers" en San Juan y nadie en lasla se ha quejado. Lo mas fascinante esla incompetencia de la policialocal cuando los vecinos se quejaron.

Llevo dos dias buscando como tocar el tema, pero la rabia no me deja escribir sin ofender.